Subject's Mask

Item Subject's Mask

Item Subject's Mask Icon

Required Value Weight
Level 0 284 14
Compounding Ability
This is a grant along with the earrings from Bastet to Seth and it means Seth is her loyal servant. If you have it, you can get favor with Bastet.
Quest Item: Bastet - Transfer to Room of Guardian - Test of Calmness.
Entrance item for Tutankhamen Trials
How to obtain
Loot from Seth.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Themed Items
Item Subject's Earrings Icon Item Subject's Mask Icon [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]
Earrings Mask
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