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Transformed Rosaline - Birth of a True Trickster
Npc Transformed Rosaline.png
NPC: Transformed Rosaline
Location: Matrix
Base XP: 37,903,880 TM: 7,020,957
Talk to Transformed Rosaline
Finished Don Giuvanni - An Apology.
Item Harkon Crystal Dust Icon.png Harkon Crystal Dust
Item Token of a True Trickster Icon.png Token of a True Trickster
Item Yellow Musical Score Icon.png Rosaline's Music Sheet
Card Transformed Rosaline Card Icon.png Transformed Rosaline Card
Next quest in Episode: Madam Sarah - Sarah's Concerns
Minimap Matrix.png
After you complete this quest, the Trickster Online final credits showed up. After that, you be teleported to the Gate of Alteo Empire.
Chapter 3: Rosaline and Don Danihen has been completed!