Char Witch Big
Type Class Job Sex
Magic Sheep 3rd job (hybrid) Female
Job Advancement
Attack Style: Witch can use Light and Dark spells.
Rcmd. Stats:
Pros: Can learn Magician skills.
Cons: Can't learn Soul Master skills.
Good for:
New Skills
Skill Light Pact Icon Skill Arrow of Light Icon Skill Catastrophe Heal Icon Skill Oath of Light Icon Skill Light Shield Icon Skill Basic Healing Icon Skill Light Wave Icon Skill Radiant Strike Icon Skill Heart's Grace Icon Skill Shield of Heaven Icon Skill Revival Icon [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
Skill Dark Pact Icon Skill Hellfire Icon Skill Wicked Flame Icon Skill Blood Testament Icon Skill Dark Distractor Icon Skill Dark Lance Icon Skill Dark Barrier Icon Skill Gravity Crush Icon Skill Withering Disease Icon [[File:|link=|]] Skill Hinder Snare Icon [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Super Soft Color
Hair Super Soft Color Icon (2,700 MS)
Witch Hair 1
Witch Hair 2
Witch Hair 3
Witch Hair 4
Witch Hair 5
Witch Hair 6
Witch Hair 1
3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 1
Fashion 3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 1
3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 2
Fashion 3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 2
3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 3
Fashion 3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set 3

[[File:]] ( MS)
Witch Hair 1
[[File:]] Char Witch Idle Char Witch Walk [[File:]] Char Witch Ready Char Witch Attack [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Witch Energy [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Witch Happy
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Witch Big

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