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Char Wizard Big.png
Type Class Job Sex
Magic Dragon 3rd job (hybrid) Male
Job Advancement
Attack Style: Wizard can use all elements.
Rcmd. Stats:
Pros: Can learn Bard Skills (2 elements only).
Cons: Cant learn Priest and Dark Lord skills.
Good for:
New Skills
Bolster Ballad Seal of Fire Whirlwind Blaze Scorching Earth Seal of Water Drip Bomb Icey Shackles Seal of Thunder Electro Attack Thunderbolt Seal of Earth Cleaving Terra Deadly Fen Seal of Wind Wind Blade Tornado Blast
Elemental Boost Incinerate Fire Shield Phoenix Rising Water Web Water Shield Shard of the Glacier Electroshock Thunder Shield Tesla Field Summon Boulder Earth Shield Botulism Cloud Whirlwind Wind Shield Razor Gale
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Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Super Magic Color
Hair Super Magic Color Icon.png (2,700 MS)
Wizard Hair 1.png
Wizard Hair 2.png
Wizard Hair 3.png
Wizard Hair 4.png
Wizard Hair 5.png
Wizard Hair 6.png
Wizard Hair 1.png
3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 1
Fashion 3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 1.png
3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 2
Fashion 3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 2.png
3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 3
Fashion 3rd Job Dragon Fashion Set 3.png

[[File:]] ( MS)
Wizard Hair 1.png
[[File:]] Char Wizard Idle.gif Char Wizard Walk.gif [[File:]] Char Wizard Ready.gif Char Wizard Attack.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Wizard Energy.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Wizard Happy.gif
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Wizard Big.png