Young Count's Brooch
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Ring Young Count's Brooch

Ring Young Count's Brooch Icon

3 Star
Required Value Weight
Level 90 0 9
Timed Refinable Temperable
No No Yes
Compoundable Stats Slots
AC, MP, MA, HP, HV 2 ~ 3
Elemental Property
Stats Ingame Stats Range Web Temper Range
Gun AP
Throw AP {{{Throw_AP_ingame_temper}}} {{{Throw_AP_web_temper}}}
AC 4 ~ 6 6 ~ 13
MP 450 ~ 810 459 ~ 919
MA 9 ~ 16 N/A
MD 60 ~ 108 N/A
HP 450 ~ 810 575 ~ 1,150
DP 36 ~ 64 N/A
HV 9 ~ 14 N/A
HP Recovery {{{hp_recovery}}}
MP Recovery {{{mp_recovery}}}
Speed Boost {{{speed_boost}}}
A brooch adorned with blood red gems. It once belonged to Count Blood as a child.
How to obtain
Open Young Blood's Box.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
Themed Items
Hat Fruit Bat Ears Icon Weapon Vampiric Moon Blade Icon Gun Blood's Practice Pistol Icon Shield Bloodless Buckler Icon Cape Count's Family Mantle Icon Ring Tin Chain of Binding Icon Ring Young Count's Brooch Icon Pet Young Blood Icon Mycamp Count Blood's Coffin Icon Mycamp Young Count Doll Icon
Hat Sword Gun Shield Cape Ring Ring Pet Coffin Doll
Notes: Web Tempering doesnt work correctly for this item.
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